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EditorsProject 2

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EditorsProject 2 - Numbers 12-22- Editors

"Computer Art WebSite for Tahtien Koulo"


Work in pairs;

But delegate as a group what each pair will do; like maybe edit certain people's work from the computer club or do the scan work during 

Team Leader: Schedule each pair for their monthly day to go to the Computer Art Club (CAC)  Tuesdays 2-4pm. Make a schedule & submit this to the teacher.

Plan your idea for the theme of the Website/Newsletter then present it to your team leader for approval within 2 weeks;

Team Leader compile the plan into a clear concise 1 page report to the teacher for approval that same week;

Begin working immediately after approval;
Schedule use of the computer lab if necessary;
Team leaders need to submit bi-weekly reports of each teams updates & activities;
Team leaders need to do the project too;


Go to the  Computer Art Club (CAC)  Tuesday 2-4pm for webdesign & scanner training.

Check the examples below for ideas then search for more examples; 

Submit a list of URLs that you found as good examples;

Create a theme for our schools CAC web;

Assign a set of pages to each team;

Each subset should have a sub-theme/design you follow;

Each team should pick a class at the school to go to & collect the "best" Art pictures/projects for the site.

Use the schools digital camera & scanner to capture the artwork;

Do an article about how it was constructed, why it was special & something about the artist;

Each team should have a page for extra CAC members art/design work;

Assemble & print all work & present it to your team leader every month for a progress check;

Every month - Print your work at the end of each month shrinking it down to no more than a 4 page newsletter & copy it for all school members. 

Distributions should be October, November, & December 3rd week Friday;

Don't forget holiday themes for 1/2 the pages;

Make sure you check with the team leader every month to make sure you are on track & that it makes sense & looks presentable to the school;
Your editing duties end the week before Christmas Vacation.

Then you become "Artists".

Compile & edit work from students in Computer Art Club (CAC)  Tuesdays 2-4pm.


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