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Reading- My Reading Record

Mystery Biography Folklore Humor Sports Fiction

Writing- My Writing Record

Capitalization Punctuation Topic  Sentences Facts/Opinions Spelling Main Idea

Music- My Music Progress-Things I'm Working On

Participates Enthusiastic Preocuppied

Science- My Science Progress-Things I'm Working On

State the problem Hypothesis Materials Procedures Results Conclusions

Art- My Art Class Record-Things I'm Working On

Sharing Participates

Social Skills-Things I'm Working On

Follows Directions Listening Staying in My Chair Raising My Hand Keeps Hands/Feet to Self To Wait My Turn In Line

English- Speaking-Things I'm Working On

Speaks Clearly Conveys Clear
Reads Aloud Reads to Self Reads to Others Speaks too Much Follows Directions


Recognizes 1-100 Repeats 1-100 Counts to 100 Subtraction Addition Multilplies Division