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Parents Meeting

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Parents Meeting 1

Here's what you may have missed at the parent/teacher's meeting Wed Aug 28th:

Welcome to Mrs. Lemetti's Classroom Speech
Headmaster Akkola Speech
Johanna - School Psychologist Speech
Finnish Teacher Welcome Speech

Classroom Speech

Welcome to my 3rd grade classroom! I am Mrs. Lemetti and I'm here to tell you what to expect this year so far.  

I will cover 3 main points:

  1. your child's learning stage expectation
  2. my teaching strategy, & 
  3. the effect of the world your children live in which effects the previous 2.  

Tonight you will also hear about many aspects of your child from your children's teachers and support staff. All of us are guiding your student through a whole new level of learning. 

(overhead projector)

First, please find your child's BINDER. Inside you will look at some handouts. 

Your child is a unique position. After listening for one week to different studies & statistics on bi-lingual & immersion education, it is evident that your child possesses the ability to exceed monolinguals or one language children in all subjects, but especially math.  In the past some Finns have been told they are not good at math.  Look at the oversize page in the back of the binder that says "language acquisition chart", There are 5 stages. All you need to notice is that your student is somewhere between Stage 2 & Stage 3. Which means that they have between 1000 words & 7000 words yet still learning. Advanced fluency is 12,000 plus. They have a vary limited comprehension and vocabulary. This is what we will work on in English. They are in 3rd grade now so the expectations are higher especially in this area.

Second, my teaching strategy is simple. I use an integrated method using the required curriculum given by Finland's Board of  Education.  Another words, I simplify my language but NOT my content and worked to expand their vocabulary. Look at the curriculum on the next 2 pages for a subject breakdown.

Both classwork & homework is geared to speaking & listening skills. This is the theme of the school. Each month we build on self-esteem issues, which Merja will mention.  We will have one-on-one conferences in the fall. November 1st - 30th, once a week in the morning or evening. I will let you know what your date through your child's h-wk book.  Almost every day the student writes in the h-wk book. You need to initial that you have seen the items. Most of them, if not all are homework items. For example, Science. We wrote Science List 20 in our Journals. This was explained in detail, as all items are. This item meant. List 20 science things in your house from the categories we made in your science journal.  Look at your child's Journals. So far we have one for Math, English, Science, & Art + Music, Homework &Notes.

Reading: When students come in to class in the morning or from recess, they should get out their book from their desk & have  a bookmarked place to begin reading. Children are expected to have a book report done each month. This reading is done in-class only with the book they have brought from home or library of 100+ pages and is to be kept at school for this purpose. The subject needs to be different each time. See Book Journals for a complete list. 

Writing for class is done both in-class & for homework. We are working on parts of speech, then sentence structure, then paragraphs. When a page of writing is asked for, 5 sentences is a minimum. Handwriting is now being practiced & should be used now totally after x-mas.

Math work : I are still reviewing & testing levels. Measuring & Fractions now with Multiplication to 10's is this year as well as division after x-mas. 

Science work: Topics covered are listed in the 1st page of your child's Science Journal. The materials provided are only in Finnish. I have made outside contacts for materials and will order some Engish materials soon.

Group work. You child has a Kummi now. The read together, speak & write. Mrs. Brooks, who knows your children well, evaluates & gives feedback to me while we observe them working.

Tests, we have 3 main tests or quizzes, Math, spelling-vocabulary, and reading. Spelling is not the "invented" type Mrs. Brooks used before. It is proper now. Your student is evaluated on specific things. Turn to the evaluation sheet. The sample is there & probably looks familiar to you.

Gym or PE. They need to change clothes. After class EVERYONE must shower. Medical difficulties should be notified to the teacher. Anyone sick should stay home. I get sick vary easily. Please don't cough near me or touch me or my desk when you are not feeling well. We don't use shoes indoors for gym. On point, PE starts when I take the students from the class to the change rooms. We go together. 5 minutes later they should line up outside the gym door. Then I let them in, they should go straight to their warm up lines. They helper should stretch the class & then we will do our sports. Girls & Boys may play together at times.

Lunch. Students need to go with their teacher to the cafeteria. Our new time is from 10:45-11 except Gym day Tuesday.

Schedule change: All students (group 1 AND group 2) need to stay on Tuesday until 2. Religion/Ethics is now scheduled then. English for group 1 is Wednesday morning at 8am, so group 1 will come earlier on Wednesday. Group 2 stays later on Tuesday.

Computer Club is on Tuesdays mostly, some Wednesdays from 2-4. It is open to all school students. & Is limited spacing.

Tutoring is scheduled ahead of time between the student & teacher for Monday morning at 8am. After the parent approve the day 1st.

Discipline system is verbal, written, & class observed. When some one is talking, out of there desk etc. I tell them "Summer" - that is the 1st warning. Sometimes I actually say "Sara! 1st warning". Then I can say "Funner" (that's the 2nd warning - or "") ; 3rd warning is "Bummer" they can write this word in there h-wk book, stay in at recess, or write a paragraph on what they did & what they should have been doing for this 3rd warning. 

More serious items like bulling are handled sometimes by me & the children involved (especially if on the playground). If it continues we have class discussions about these issues & how to think about them. All serious cases are brought to the attention of the school counselor. 

Field-trips & volunteers in general. A class volunteer is needed to maintain class work at a good pace. All fieldtrips should have a parent to along. Safety & security are important for any children.  One more parent is needed for the EETO meetings - ask Emilia's mom Ms. Malmi for info. If moneys need to be collected Nea's mom maintains the 3rd grade bank acct.

Absences, 1 week only is allowed. Speak to the headmaster on this issue. You can contact me by phone during school leave specific messages, or by email.

Third, (1980 was) the start of another media revolution: the fusion of television & the computer. If you can read the "Learning Revolution" by Gordon Dryden & Jeannette Vos, Ed. D., Jalmar Press. This happens to be the company sponsoring your child's school's self esteem program & happens to be the same company I used to work for & know the owners of on a vary personal basis. One quote from them is " Children can learn almost anything if they are dancing, tasting, touching, hearing, seeing & feeling information." and you learn nothing by memorizing facts, only by LINKING data to other data does it become useful information". So take advantage of the fact that you have a university programming teacher teaching your children. Encourage them to go to the library & use the computer or join the computer club.



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