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Event Contents

  1. How do I use the computer?
  2. When can I volunteer to help out ?
  3. When are field trips ?
  4. Who is ... ?
  5. What is Movie By Bicycle ?
  6. When is ... ?

How do I use a computer?

The answer to this question is another question. When can you schedule your private lesson with Professor Lemetti? Yes, it's true. Lessons are for my students and their parents too! For every lesson you need only volunteer as a helper in class as a parent or adult. I am planning to be at the school during summer as well so please call me at 050 046 3318. Topic include:

Basic notions for understanding and use of computer networks
Electronic mail
FTP - electronic transfer of documents
Searching for information in the Internet
Security for home use
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Where can I help out?

This is the answer to the question is dependent on your schedule entirely. Any time & I mean any time you are able to come to school for an hour is great. We also need help on field trips.

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When are field trips ?

When the trips are scheduled they will be posted to this site & permission slips will be by email as well. Do you have a good idea for a field trip (even if you can't go?) Please let me know. I'm new to Finland & need to know details about the zoos & museums or movies.

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Who is ... ?

[This is the answer to the question.]

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What is Movie By Bicycle ?

Apparently it is a tradition in Finnish schools to travel by bicycle. Unheard of in Southern California. That is fun! We will need bicycles, bicycle helmets & keys & of course a nutritious snack & drink for the movie. A small shopping bag to conceal it in too. (I don't know the rule for bringing your own food into theatres, but it's a no no back home.) We will try and eat lunch prior to the movie escape. The films are generally 80 minutes long & we also go in the morning. Event 1 = 10:30am.

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When is ... ?

[This is the answer to the question.]

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