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Class Work
Project Web

This page contains information for the current projects assigned. You can work on projects at home or at school (after you have done your main classwork). Check the surf page for updates.

Well, You Almost Found It!!! From here you can find your projects; just click on a project to find the instructions:

Project 1 The Scavenger Hunt



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This hunt is to help me find out where each student is in the computer surf zone. (Meaning:What stage of learning) It also tells you if your computer can see & hear everything. Write down any challenges you have & give this list to your students.

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Did you know?

...links on websites don't always work? What do you do? Yep ...go to another link.

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...scroll down & to the sides when looking at web pages.

At the vary bottom of searches there are arrows or the word "next" to go to the next page.

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