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Project 1

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Class Work

This page contains information for this project. 

From here you can find details on your projects.

Project 1Great! You Found It!!!

The Scavenger HuntDesign for Main Project  

  1. The design for the project is a plain non-decorated brown cardboard box that will fit nicely in your desk. You should be able to fit everything else in your desk inside this box. 

  2. Put these words in the middle inside in a black unfilled rectangle:

By:           LastName, FirstName (use your name!)
Date:        27-Jul-2002
Grade:      3
Project:    Summer Scavenger Hunt


Now follow the links below to fill your box: but read THIS first.

Go click on as many pictures & links as you can. 

 "Q:" means "question". Answer the question by clicking the picture or underlined word(s). Sometimes there is more than one answer. 

When you find the answer do ONE or Two or ALL 3 things below:


1/ Find something small that fits in your box OR;

2/ Find a picture of it in a magazine,newspaper etc. OR;

3/ Write this word on the inside of your box OR;

4/ Print a picture from the internet & glue/tape it on the inside of your box.

(It will not be graded on quantity or size of items/pictures found, but on the quality of the items you have found.)


Q: How tall is the tallest building in the world? Be carefull! some used to be the tallest!

Q: What famous person or hero has the same birthday as you? Or try this: type your birthday like this into Google using quotation marks : "May 29 birthday" Mine are President Kennedy's & Shakira!; & my husband = March 1 birthday = Dr. Seuss!

Q: What foods are famous in Hawaii (US), Tanzania (Africa),Helsinki (Finland), Goa (India), & Tokyo (Japan)? Hint: "food Helsinki" (quotes again) or use links!

Q: What exact SHADE of color is your favorite? Find an example.

Q: What is your favorite animal. Find a picture of it. 

Q: What is the healthiest food snack to bring to school for "brain food?"
Q: What part of the body is like a PUMP? Q: What are your favorite sounds? Can you draw them or find a picture of whatever makes this sound?

Q: What is Yoda drinking? 

Q: What is your favorite sports mascot? Find it here or here or by yourself.

Q: What science project do you want to do? Do you have one of your own? Q: How does math help a doctor?

Go to the "planetarium" to pick your favorite space show.

Collect tree leaves while on summer vacation. Only one from each TREE. How many different trees are there? (We will do a pencil tracing on our first day of class.) Guess my favorite plant family.

Write the answers if you can't print.

This is an easy subtraction sheet.

I know you can add.

Can you multiply by 5 yet?  Use this sheet.

Does anyone know fractions?

Q: Name a part of the computer where files can be stored. 


Q: What movie did you see during summer? Was it one of these? Q: What is your favorite plant? What plant can you eat?
Q: What country's Mayor visited this school? Go to the middle of this page & pick an instrument to listen to: draw, write or find a picture of that instrument in for your box. Look up the word & find the country for the origin of the word "carnival". Is their another English word for "carnival?" Maybe you know in Finnish tivoli, karnevaali?If you went to one this summer put something in your box to tell about it. (How about a popsicle stick?)

Here's a reptile puzzle.


Find the word "bison" & write down the definition. Can you draw or find a picture of one? Go to "Kids Island" & find a game to play; which one was it? What did you do in it? What keyboard key or mouse move did you need to use?
Find your favorite pair of "toe-socks" & draw them.

Pick a planet, any planet as your one to watch for the year. Write down what you find in your box in a red circle. Then go to Cosmiverse & find out something more about the planet you picked.

How many breeds of horses are there in the whole world? Can you guess my favorite?

Find your favorite animal: Mammal; reptile; lissa; chon;echin;actin; or aves? What three characteristics do all mammals share not found in other animals?

Print out an African Animal Story from this list or this one & read it to your family. Put it in your box. Bring a ball of yarn or string & a hanger to class. We will turn your Scavenger box into a mobile in the 1st week of class.




How to surf:

You should click on each link but once you are there click on as many pages as you need to to answer the question in the box.


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This hunt is to help me find out where each student is in the computer surf zone. (Meaning:What stage of learning) It also tells you if your computer can see & hear everything. Write down any challenges you have & give this list to your students.

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Did you know?

...links on websites don't always work? What do you do? Yep ...go to another link.

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Don't forget to...

...scroll down & to the sides when looking at web pages.

At the vary bottom of searches there are arrows or the word "next" to go to the next page.

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