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1st Week Report

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1st Week Report

Aloha New 3E Parents!

1st Event Wednesday! Movie By Bicycle! See Events page.

Welcome to a new & exciting year with Mrs. Lemetti from Palos Verdes, California. Many parents still haven't gotten the word to email me yet. (so you may see this exact email twice!) hmm. The students forgot to give you my email address or you have been in contact with me all summer. The main idea of the project was for students with a lot of extra time on their hands & a jumpstart on a web lesson. Don't feel bad that you could not do it! We will work on it all semester. Let me know if the internet access is expensive for you & we can schedule extra time in the school lab.

So far we have been getting organized & in a routine of writing in our small homework notepad in the morning & discussing it. The students can see there own progress and feel prepared for class & also communicate with you on their homework. I can also see notes about things like if your child needs to leave for doctor appointments and such written by you in this book as I check for initials in it on the next day or so. I may not check every student, every day. So make sure if there is something special that you tell you child to put it on my desk open to that note page.

We have a Notes Journal where we take notes; an English journal for vocabulary, spelling & grammar; tomorrow we get our Math Journal for practicing operations. We have all our books in our desk & are told only to take home workbooks for now. Ordering books is still in process.

The talking has been quite excessive in my class & I noticed that the Finnish teacher did not have this problem. We will be doubling the work & homework soon. When I get the green light on taking books home the real work will begin.

My new website is :

& can NOT be viewed in Netscape properly.

This is the new school email that I will use

& each of your students will use this website to access their new emails when I get their passwords:

Please talk to your children about respecting the teacher & remaining totally quite in class & speaking only in English.

Thanks for your continued support.
We will schedule a parent meeting if you request one & let me know what nights are best. So yes or no on that & dates/times. thx.



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