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Here's an article that describes what third graders are like and what you can most likely expect!

Ages and Stages: Third Grade

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Is your eight-ten-year-old on track? Below are some general development milestones to help you understand your child's progress over the school year. Keep in mind that every child is different and may not fit perfectly into this framework.

Where They Are
The average eight-year-old is explosive, excitable, dramatic, and inquisitive. She:
Possesses a "know-it-all" attitude.
Is able to assume some responsibility for her actions.
Actively seeks praise.
May undertake more than she can handle successfully.
Is self-critical.
Recognizes the needs of others.
Where They're Going
School isn't just academics. Your child's teachers are also helping him grow socially. At eight-years-old, your child is learning how to set goals and understand the consequences of his behavior. You can help by encouraging him as he:
Explores the relationship of feelings, goals, and behavior.
Learns about choices and consequences.
Begins setting goals.
Becomes more responsible.
Learns how to work with others.


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