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Book Journal

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This page tells you what 2 steps to do for each book you read: a "Journal Brainstorm" & a "Book Review."

Book Journal Brainstorm

  1. In a separate journal, name it "Book Journal".
  2. For each book, at the top of the page write:

    By:               LastName,FirstName                  (use your name!)
    Start Date:    Date started reading                (like 02.02.02- 04.02.02)
    Grade:          3
    Title:      Book Name   /Year 1st written / Year printed                                                             

  3. A book review is a good way to share a favorite book with others. Most reviews give facts about the book as well as the writer's opinions. There are many ways to write about a book. Use your book journal to do the following for each book:
    1. Organize facts about the book.
    2. Make notes of your opinions.
    3. Write several paragraphs, combining facts & opinions.
    4. At the end, tell why others should or shouldn't read the book.
  4. Click this page & print it for your journal.


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