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Trip Journal

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This page tells you what to do when you go on a trip away from school. 

Trip Journal

  1. In a separate journal, name it "Trip Journal" 
  2. At the top of the page write:
  3. By:           LastName, FirstName                 (use your name!)
    Dates:      Trip Dates                (like 02.02.02- 04.02.02)
    Grade:      3
    Location:  City, State, Country

  4. Write a story about what you did while on vacation. Describe things you saw, people you met or saw. Write about things you touched. Describe them. Did you pet an animal? was it rainy, snowy or sunny. Did you buy something new? Why?
  5. Select the best paragraph & put a star near it. When you get back to school put the journal in the teachers basket on her desk to collect points. If you want to read the paragraph raise your hand.
  6. Bring something you got on your trip; if you didn't get anything new, take a picture & bring the picture for your journal & to share with the class, or pcik up a rock or leaf you found & tell the class about the surroundings.



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