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     Did you know that by the time students reach fourth grade at least 75 percent of their reading is non-fiction?  In third grade, we try to foster the love of reading.  A mix of fiction and non-fiction literature is used to acquaint students with the formats and teach tips on ways to read each type of text  
for understanding.  
A Skilled Reader
 Remembers information he/she already knows about he topic before starting to read
Uses context clues (what is in the text) when reading to develop meaning
 Is fluent when reading
As your child reads each night, check for their understanding of the text by asking them questions.  Asking what has happened so far and then asking what might happen next will give you an idea of their understanding.  

Five Tips for Parents of Reluctant Readers

Would your child rather clean up his room than pick up a book? These five tips from reading expert Marie Carbo can help you get your child back on the right reading track.

Make reading relaxing and low-key for a short part of the day.


Read aloud some funny or interesting parts of your favorite book.

Draw your child in with a riddle book for kids, a passage from Sports Illustrated, or a newspaper story.

If your kid likes a movie, see if it's based on a book, then bring home the book.

For kids who have lost the motivation to read, use material that's intensely interesting to them. Your child may almost have to disassociate what he's doing at school with the act of reading something for fun.


Why read aloud to your child?


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