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Supplies You Need for Our Class

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Supplies You Need for Our Class 


The following list of supplies would be very helpful for everyday work. Although TK will supply the basic paper, pencil, straight-edge ruler, eraser, and bound paper journal, some supplies must be replenished as necessary throughout the school year. It is your child's responsibility to inform you when they need new supplies. So, ALL of this is OPTIONAL.

1. School supply box or zip bag,

2. 5 pencils to begin the year and 2 pencils at the beginning of each month. Pencil case.

3. A good eraser,

4. 2 glue sticks,

5. An activity-reading book for indoor quiet time

6. A one or 2 shoulder backpack to bring supplies back and forth to school ) black or white or both,

7. 2 peachy folders for loose papers,

8. 30 sheets of loose 2-hole lined/unlined paper for binder plus tabs ) a small binder, 2 sets of 5 dividers

9. A box of crayons

10. A set of markers

11. A pen or two.

12. 2 boxes of tissues, aspirin if they are sick,

13. 1 pair of scissors, 

14. 1 composition notebook for daily personal Journal

15. Optional Water color paint set 3 brushes or pastels.

16 Optional musical instrument. drums


Our class could use "used" reading books, puzzles, magazines, and games for our bookshelf & for indoor recess.

Thank you!

Prof. Lemetti



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