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Spelling Quiz 1

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Spelling/Vocabulary Quiz

Spelling2: For printed version click here.


Part I.  Instructions: What is it? Write the part of speech for each word A-L. Is it a Noun, Adjective or Verb.

Use this letter For this word What is it? Use this letter For this word What is it?
A grid G fungus
B pine tree H grouse
C toadstool I teacher
D graph J memorize
E zone K horizontal
F tongue L vertical

Part II. Multiple Choice. Match the words above with it's definition below. Fill in the blank box with the proper word's letter. ( For example you could put the letter "A" for the 1st box)

Put the correct letter in this box: Read this definition 1st.Then find the word from above. 
1. Anything that is "up and down."
2. A big bird.
3. A spongy poisonous fungus
4. A plant that grows "needles."
5. A picture showing numbers.
6. Anything that is "left to right".
7. Mrs. Lemetti helps you think and learn.
8. A muscle that helps you eat.
9. An area of Finland is Espoo.
10. A pattern of lines crossing.
11. A spongy/soft mushroom or toadstool.
12. You learned all these words by heart.


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