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Part I. Fill in the empty box with an "N" for noun, "A" for Adjective or "V" for verb.

Use this letter For this word for Part II What is it? Is it a Noun, Adjective or Verb
A adjective
B horizontal
C verb
D conjunction
E adverb
F science
G determiner
H math
I noun
J ruler
K predicate
L preposition


Put the correct letter in this empty box to match the word to it's definition  Read this definition 1st then find the word from above 


Look at the word, think of the definition, then find it here.

 Careful, one definition is extra!

1. Anything that is "up and down."
2. A person, place, or thing.
3. To study and observe things
4. An "action" word
5. The study of numbers, measures and shapes.
6. Anything that is "left to right".
7. A word that describes a verb usually [ending in -ly].
8. A straight edge used to measure shapes.
9. Words like [a,the]. A word in front of a noun or pronoun.
10. A word connecting words like [with].
11. Words like [and,or]; words that join words together.
12. You learned all these words by heart.


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